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ttle deeper in the analysis," he proceeded, calmly

. "There was something back of that lack of love, so

mething even deeper than the hurt given by the discovery of


his relations with the other woman." If Shattuck had been minded to pursue the guerrilla conversation in the hope of harassing Kennedy, this remark


was like an explosion of shrapnel. He sought cover. Kennedy was talking rapidly and earnestly now. "In short," he concluded, "there is something [290] which we call a soul sca


r here—a psychic wound—a mental trauma. It bears the same relation to the soul that a wound does to the body. And, as in the case of some wounds, muscle

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s and limbs

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elings and emotions must be made to function again, must be re-educated. I need not refer to what caused that wound. I think we understand the reaction that almost any girl would experience against one whom she loved but considered unworthy. I saw it the moment I began to analyze the dreams." In spite of its intimate nature, Kennedy kept his analysis on almost an impersonal level. It was as though he were telling us the results of his study of some new substance that had been submitted to him for his opinion. "Mrs. Wilford," he went on, speaking rather t

o us general

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about it. Yet love—romantic love—was open to her, if she would only let herself go." I saw that as he proceeded, Shattuck had colored deeply. He knew the origin of this soul wound in her disapproval of the life he had led at the time. He shifted restlessly. "All my psychanalysis, by whatever means I went at it, whether merely by study of the dreams or by having them written out a second time in order to compare the omissions and hesitations, whether by the association test, the day-dreaming [291] when relaxed, or the Jung association word test, all the psych

ological exp

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withholding another, and always watching what effect it had upon the various parties to this case, all, I say, tended toward one end—the discovery of the truth that was hidden from us. "Finally," he exclaimed, "came the time when I allowed Doyle to place a dictagraph in the apartment, where we might overhear the interplay of the forces let loose by the information which I was allowing to leak out in one way or another." Involuntarily, Honora turned and caught the eye of Shattuck leveled at her. Each looked startled.


What had Craig overheard through that dictagraph? The thought was quite evident in both minds. Honora gripped her chair. Shattuck turned and stared sullenly at the


man before him. "To return to the dreams," resumed Kennedy, apparently not noticing this interchange of looks and byplay. "From the hesitations in telling and ret


elling the dreams, from the changes that were made, from a somewhat similar process in tracing out the more controlled thoughts of the waking state, I found that ever

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